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I’m going to let you know all about my latest purse for Mahasoun” quote=”skullssales.com”], So let’s just get straight into it and i’m going to exhibit you immediately oh my god it is beautiful and it’s been a lot enjoyable gazing my half soon and all of the other women get their luggage this week and do their survive boxing’s on Instagram and facebook and matters like that it can be consistently beautiful for me to look that so if you do not know whom i have obvious is go and determine her out on Instagram and facebook she has hundreds and hundreds hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of followers and he or she’s without doubt stunning she works with all of the top manufacturers in our little goth subculture she particularly has that traditional goth look however she’s obtained a little bit of a core japanese facet to it definitely judo and nationality and it just works fairly well so that’s why our bag has in a bit little bit of an Egyptian consider to it on the grounds that that is very close and expensive to her heart and the color scheme for this bag is black and pink considering they are additionally her two favorite colours now on account that I had carried out purple/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’black and purple‘>black and purple earlier for RiRi Phillips I did exit of my technique to ensure that I didn’t repeat myself I desired it to be very exceptional and that i consider I did that i am rather blissful with the form I consider it’s pretty certain and it’s thousands practical as good given that of the scale of it that is 15 centimeters wide and i’ve already received stuff inside it like the matching wallet that i’ll exhibit you in a 2d in order good as being simply timelessly gorgeous it is particularly useful as good and that’s principal considering the fact that these are everyday purses so when I first set out to design whatever for my half soon it’s a bit of a funny story here we had a Skype conversation as most collaboration stopped and she or he threw pink at me she mentioned she loves myth mythology the UNK image but there used to be a certain vampire one that was once on like an extra play on the average Egyptian one if we have been going to use spikes they would need to be silver she cherished velvet as well I used to be variety of leaning in the direction of making her entire bag out of velvet however she stated she desired it to be rather durable and lengthy-lasting so I nonetheless managed to incorporate little elements of velvet without making the entire bag velvet but when you do what an entirely go back changing the subject for a 2nd i have already designed a old velvet wallet for viola you may comprehend who user name as we are left i’ll link it down below so you will see who i’m speakme about but that’s going to be entirely velvet arising very quickly so design smart she simply threw matters that she appreciated at me after which I went off and did my factor and got here back genuinely this used to be the second thing that I came again with so the funny story was once that I had yet another design and that i used to be attempting out an additional manufacturer as good just cuz it gave the look of they have been going to be heaps more cost effective however I discovered why anyway they made a bag and it didn’t resemble my design at all and my Hobson and i affectionately pointed out it as our nipple bag on the grounds that the stunts that they used I’ve on no account visible stuff like this in my lifestyles anyway they had been like the pointy ones like this but the tip of it was like one more color so it just was once shape it gave the look of two nipples they usually had been significant like I stated like petite one point five centimeter ones they usually put on like full centimeter and just the way their role them making them appear like a damage little nipples and so yeah we just ended up calling it the nipple bag it can be really best it is very one-of-a-kind this manufacturer did not follow my design at all so yeah I just I walked away from them that’s the equal manufacturer in case you bear in mind made me the jerk Macon’s backpack pattern and put the canary yellow interior in it sure i haven’t labored with them again if any of you have an interest in seeing lessen of buying that first could have seen pattern it’s still in my showroom over here so simply yeah message me on Instagram or fb and if you wish to purchase it it can be thoroughly one-of-a-kind it fairly is anyway so after that I really did like the primary design but it surely used to be very small could have even been smaller than a seize it was similar to somewhat carry bag man or woman and that i used to be so scarred through that experience I stated babe look I need to fresh we ought to move away from the path of nipples and and simply begin once more so yeah 2nd try that I got here up with this and i’m so comfortable that I they occur due to the fact i am in love with this and it in my view it’s so much better than what I did the primary time the UNK here is good the vampire hunk is embroidered on top of this stunning red what we are calling Dragon dermis no real dragons had been harmed within the making of this back yeah and it is it is practically good it’s metallic isn’t it appear Kevin light catches it it is just stunning so yeah let’s just have a chat about the bag however it’s made out of how much it is how you can get your arms on it cuz i do know you want to and i know many women have already ordered it so thank you for that we will need to get a 75 for this one I consider we’re on like 15 already so that is excellent that’s excellent when you consider that this video is not even out but and i’ve soon simply acquired hos the other day and she or he hasn’t completed any advertising yet so it could be very wonderful when all that starts so completely unprepared again simply appears to be how I roll i’ve now not measured this bag but i’ll put the measurements on my site very tremendous it is simply thousands tremendous let’s go along with that I do know it’s 15 centimeters vast so that is lovely enormous it tapers in but no longer too much so that you would be able to still match plenty of crappy and it so a number of methods which you can manage this area that you can actually simply carry it with the aid of the manage or hyperlink it onto your hand i’ll add in some photos of me carrying it so you could type of get an notion the way you could kind it as well and it additionally comes with a a detachable alternate strap which is the identical faux leather because the bag it can be rather gentle its padded as well and it spot chain so again that’s thoroughly removable from the d-rings on the aspect there and the little clasps or really excellent excellent and quite sturdy in order that they is not going to break on you the back of the bag has a helpful zipper and that i suppose i have not honestly checked this yet oh yes it is also mendacity seem at that with pink satin isn’t that lovely so that’s a relatively excellent go-to pocket for things that you just must get to quickly once we open up the lid we’ve a gorgeous makeup mirror and the patch man have seen by using abilene introduced more that is me the inside of this bad boy is a black velvet it’s so delicate and it can be just disappearing inside the digicam there so I already bought some inventory in there you will discover it fits quite a few stuff so let’s have a look at what i’ve inside of and then i will show you the internal of it as well so a few of you’ll inquire from me i know will the death candy coffin wallet match inside them i have some again sure it most definitely will it will also fit throughout the Goblin queen handbag and it will additionally fit inside the Black Friday big handbag as well it will not however match inside the Beatrice Mariana again simply through a couple of centimeter so i’ve them a 1/2 swimsuit within the pockets in there as well which i will exhibit you in a 2d I had my mobilephone and a large mobilephone at that so that it will match on this slip i’m going to simply show you that seeing how there may be a kind of little sachets there so I’ve received an iPhone 8 plus to be able to simply slot in there and no longer stick out the top of the bag and that is concerning the biggest phones get these days but that’s exceptional that that fits in adequate the inner is lovely easy so that you could put a variety of stuff in there it’s lined with black satin so you’ve received the two little slips here ones tighter ones a little bit looser and you’ve got got a again inside pocket there all of this again is lined with particularly thick GSM Saturn rather expensive and we’ve got simply acquired somewhat zipper pocket there a relatively lovely characteristic of all of my near purses as well is that i’d put ft on them it can be simply yet it will make them last just a little longer and just makes them think quite excessive-end i really like the detail on the manage here as well so see how I made it appear like a bit a bit belt overlook that little flap there all of the hardware on this guy is silver chrome so it is going to never fade so here now we have received this velvet Bordeaux which just looks excellent and it is decorated with tiny little studs I desired some style of understated embellishment so I rather preferred that there enjoying it was once just too plain and my manufacturer put giant studs on i am like no it is too much to anything small so that worked fairly relatively good right here again that’s embroidered so we’ve got acquired the vampire hunk their little silver pointy studs there there isn’t any way that they will bump you or some thing like that it’s the back of the bag again it is a relatively tender fake leather each my have soon and i stated the identical factor once we first felt take a seat we’re like rattling that’s really smooth and white to you guys see it in character it is lovely i love different side stick out it can be only a really cool shape so completely satisfied that i ended up redesigning this for her that is one in all my extra intricate luggage at present and that i used to be a bit of scared to get the manufacturing quote however I stated to myself you understand what simply make the coolest bags that you’d wish to purchase yourself after which i am definite different persons on this planet may even throughout in with my excitement and want to purchase them too so i am not about making mundane cheap products I wish to make expectantly confined-adaptation no longer too restricted however really constrained particularly distinct excessive pleasant luggage and in addition cuz we’re getting such little quantities you hear me talk about that always the clicking goes up so the quote used to be about what I anticipated it to be and it places the retail fee for this bad boy at 100 and eighty 999 Australian bucks please don’t freak out you can lay by way of it and i love this so lots of you are they purchasing it on the grounds that you understand that i want your cash from the pre-orders to pay for the bulk order however the thing is it’s going to take us a few months to get to 75 so it doesn’t matter in case you pay me over two months you realize that’s high-quality and if that helps you help get the bag at the finish of the day you’re helping out my half of soon and that i so i’m fascinated by it and i’m tremendous delighted that i am able to present lay-via and also after pay to my Australian and New Zealand shoppers if you happen to were to hooked up a lay-via that would be not up to maybe fifty dollars each two weeks for 2 months so that is fairly reasonable so if you want to established a labour I just head on over to my website and when you’re on the payments web page don’t pick PayPal decide on lay-by using powered via PayPal and that is the option that you want to do i’ve a video on my channel the place I positioned a dummy order at my online store to exhibit you tips on how to established late whatever thing that is confusing you just yes my my channel i am put in labor i’m certain as a way to come up I’ve additionally bought a lay-with the aid of information web page at my internet site beneath the info tab frequently individuals get harassed with the aid of lay-by so despite the fact that you lay by a product that is in inventory proper now it won’t ship unless you pay it off it is the same as a lay-through in a retailer they don’t give you the goods unless you pay it off we’re after pay is like after pay pay me straightaway and then you definately pay them off so it can be style of like a further scheme so whatever i’m lots occupied with is the matching my half of soon pockets now just before I show you i would like you to use your imagination and pretend that there is a embroidered vampire hunk on the front due to the fact that we’ve got made up our minds so as to add this however the sample I had made which is lovely does now not have that but it surely’s still absolutely stunning so I was going to head with just that but then we began getting a variety of requests announcing hey are you able to add down the ankh the one motive i’m now not purchasing the set is since it’s now not the air and at first I was like it’s now not matching ample but yeah you all seem to want at house and the poll used to be like ninety nine% mentioned sure once within no so when this goes into Bob creation it is going to have the matching hunk a smaller one absolutely like just a little little one uncle so they’re in every approach now a complete matching set let’s have a look at this pockets because this video can also be about the launch of this so this bad boy is it’s black velvet on the within to match the underneath lid of the bag and the equal smooth faux leather all of my baggage are vegan i haven’t mentioned that but on this video so far so the entire substances are fake and we have the same maja soon through Evelina de Morais symbol proper there that is the identical layout as my other wallets so it’s acquired a lot of compartments there in your identification more card storage right here slots there in your notes a core zipper and in addition a again zipper there I feel this must also be lined the same crimson look at that simply lovely when you love black and red this set goes to be for you every other quite unique information is that after i am in LA subsequent month in April the end of April my residence soon is coming to stick with me and my pleasant buddy Lisa for I suppose three days so we’re busy planning what we’re going stand up – we will are trying our first-class to organize a meet and greet I have no idea how sensible that’s when we most effective have three days and we wish to do quite a lot of filming so everyone on YouTube can watch that rather than humans coming to meet us that are simply located in LA however i know plenty of you’ve been asking about it so i will have another chat to her and notice if we will fit that into our busy agenda i do know we need to go to universal Studios i am most likely loss of life to head on the Harry Potter trip once more that blew my mind severely i will go on that 14 times at the least one other thing any one else just informed me about the previous day used to be a Tim Burton themed restaurant referred to as beetle residence so hundreds excited to go there and there is a whole bunch of other women as well that I’ve turn out to be friends with on Instagram that i am hoping I might be able to fulfill as good as quite a few them are variety of nearby in like an hour or two of los angeles the place we’re going to be situated in Hollywood so that’s christina one and most effective Alice Lockhart from YouTube you guys understand her Minka Gill who I’ve recounted once or twice she despatched me that gorgeous coffin ring and she is a coffin lady herself and if there is any person else that i’m forgetting about this in LA please message me i might love to satisfy as many persons if i can even as i am there i am additionally super excited that Nick’s Wednesday i will Sydney it’s only a short flight from Tang valued at it literally simply takes an hour however i’m gonna hang around with Black Friday she is a protracted stopover in Sydney so we are going to hang around it’ll be beautiful over the subsequent six weeks or so as to meet so many women that i am designing these luggage for so he was once occupied with that I suppose like i am skimming over things a bit bit but even as I also suppose like i am simply specializing in the shit that is foremost alternatively than speakme a number of crap and wasting your time like you’ll discover it can be obviously attractive the quality is insane I can’t wait to peer snap shots of my 1/2 quickly with this dangerous woman and i’ll get one to film some pictures of me now so you’ll discover how attractive it appears when carrying / preserving it so please aid us get some our pre-order quota in the event you love this bag preorder it head on over to my website correct now position that order support us get to seventy five i’m going to push it except we in the market and then even then once then bag and i am gonna push it much more so you would as well just chunk the bullet and purchase one no you wish to have to thank you a lot for joining me ensure you add me on Instagram if you aren’t already we did hit 10,000 between the final video I placed on on this video and now it already i’m 10,000 factor three I feel 15 would be the next communicate one the place i’m like after which it can be waiting on speaker oh the place does it stop i hope you are having a lovely day or night time wherever you’re and i’ll see you in my next video please remember to comment subscribe on here if you haven’t already press that like button I do read all your comments there may be so many coming in as certainly beautiful so thank you all thanks for being part of my channel it can be convenient you

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