[click_to_tweet tweet=”Hello everyone my title is mu young now I stay in Sue’s custom ” quote=”skullssales.com”]this my office and my work and my passion in here at present we will watching for the client cycle of our have a half of Alice’s Campbell tracker and bubbles tie and we will calm down in this shop considering we now have espresso bar and apparel and gallery the motorbike has to Mike k determine it out and first bye I propose this out the bicycle have the engine 50 cc this that’s work which you could write and lyric they usually speak the fuel tank too small look like how Felisa okay and i will advocate the primary one by way of my custom my customers 150cc you see over there these are Parian 150cc it is China motorbike and we do to duvet the sky you read the gas tank and set out three years ago we construct a tire with a van appear are living in scan I you see this our logos yep and next purchaser could be very oh by using BMW sixty seven lat – this is the purchase of pisang for is a other lapper thailand very best and that is work k and it’s a delicate kind comforter very pleasant and is a about magazine this is column for customized tea year Conchas we have celibate for three years and the final year we’ve this occasion on the motor side journal in Thailand yeah this one is a mono journal form Japan best this k this can be a BMW annachi’s gamble really gigantic purchase and these my 2nd through Yamaha will ago are 1,a hundred this by using i use the name in Perseus for the reason that Perseus is a son of Zeus and this notion first it was once combating with Medusa Medusa have a case of snake and that i think i’ll come to a decision exhaust to Christ next k Yamaha auto 1,one hundred CC earlier than this bike appears like bubbles died however i love Cafe Lisa and that i view this yr new subframe and mounting for single mothers save and style swing our farm order you could seem look like on orders die we are small we you and huge farm view yep we move the foot back to here so opposition in the event you sitting here reply spot yeah and as assignment is the Royal Enfield Continental GT forty four ICC we pinch off the tank and sendou and uh decoding Hannover clear hit lifestyles in keep reduce fun Muscat and powdercoat feel the wheel vaudeville Punjab for the coast pass-courtroom work and Wow a Ducati and right here ok this vetting for custom Miley to be on we’d like the chain handlebar to minimize little bit and powder coat the cam cover and this shares pocket okay that one excursion with solar shoulder right here one 980 give you the finger France Peter King youngster and hinge of the Chang and i like this pie but i will be able to write everyday this is the Ducati Monster on a necessity build two trackers die this proposal from Perseus project very equivalent and at 5 look at these gamba ready for Punjab we have cut right here determine out one inch and modified blow it enormous and sharp examine out the color to steel and this paint job to matte black fuller seem at this camber very pleasant to writing and cozy have chocolate the bee and this one triumph bonneville nature’s 2016 and we construct a handlebar hit like for mascot and if who blew the taillight we cut the order frame and make me who blew this LED tail gentle and make setup ok i will propose about refined sudden need to chai if you want a mission the water i need recommend his stamp you appear like this now not stitching no station his dam we will approve the water but if you happen to like look like consumers i will advise stitching higher however someday you might be writing and Chatta raining your shadow have the water little bit on the grounds that dishing have and what they are able to inside no problem that is very quality and you see over there’s a hundred GB for NECC and these attempt to velocity folks are waiting for personalized comforters die and that’s what Yamaha s900 now building pages and that stallion Magna 250 cc secret assignment you see at the back of that is our challenge this undertaking title is our scene olessa invoice from Royal Enfield Continental GT and his Perseus challenge and this one Honda labelled 300 CC before this up bike is a free supply died but they invoice took off a lesser Shangri you two spoke at rim make a brand new mounting for sync i’m gonna exhibit up and cut cut the suffering and butanol and new take a seat down and make a new tank start rang and begin again new X dot appear reside in chest i new headlight new clip on Hannibal Chang the whole thing this Honda labelled jihun sec that you may follows some video RG reality and this one seem at this gamble that one Yamaha is a 400cc and this my bike I find it irresistible tryam Mad Max and this one look at these camber covers and that inside our store now we construct a tree project ok thanks all people for watching video ok these are the world map we’ve client Arad will talk over with our keep from the united states from Europe and Asia welcome to Cisco so man you could enjoy with me that you would be able to revel in loosen up everything about bike you can question me about customized my motorbike the whole thing i love bike I think used to thanks everybody see you bye

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