Why Motorcycle Clubs Wear Skulls!

Why do Motorcycle Clubs and biker culture in general glorify the use of Skulls We get into it on this episode of Demons RowTV! O Yeah! We Ghostin Baby! Welcome to Demons Row TV! The Holy Grail Of MC Culture! Where we cover everything Motorcycle Club involved and the topic were gonna get into today is Game Of chromes Why O why is the Skull so popular in Motorcycle Clubs and in biker culture i came up with the concept for the thumbnails for the art from Game of Thrones i’m a big Game of Thrones fan i wanted John Snow to win but i voted in a pool that Bran would win so i won let me know in the comments if you fuck with Game of Thrones who you was going for and who you thought you know breakdown the little scenarios i’m a big fan of the show so that’s why i did the concept art with the Game Of Thrones look if you don’t know the show then maybe you don’t know where it comes from but i added that Ghost Rider look cuz you know We Ghostin! Its Demons Row TV! that’s how we do it! if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button just take that second for me hit that subscribe button and then hit the bell so you get the notification so you know whenever we’re droppin something new but basically i came up with a whole bunch of theories on why skulls are so popular i mean you see them everywhere Harley Davidson has it all over there bikes any clothes you buy anywhere that’s anything biker related has Skulls on it so why is that why are Skulls so popular and glorified in our culture people look at Skulls as death as mortality how bout we look at it in a different light how bout we look at it as immortality cuz when you die and your flesh rots away and your family’s tears dry up what’s left Skull and Bones thats whats left so really its immortality it also could be a visual acknowledgement of our fate we all know someday were gonna go and when were on our bikes we just live it to the limit it’s like a live by the sword die by the sword type thing or how bout a visual way to attract or keep away the people that we don’t want around us we want the people around us that represent that bad ass Skull and the people that shy away from it or fear it we don’t want them type of people in our circles we want the real people that know whats going on it can also represent leveling the playing field a Skull you cant tell a Skull you can’t tell a rich Skull from a poor Skull so no matter what you did in life what heights you took it too or how low you were everybody is the same when your a Skull your a Skull the last one i’m gonna leave you with is what i think the Skull represents and to me it represents doing everything to the death When you ride! You ride till the wheels fall off! For the club! For the brothers! You ride to the death! like when it’s all said and done I want this on at the funeral i don’t want suits and shit i mean if yall insist then throw the suit on me but i want this over you know what i mean that’s what this Skull means to me it means when it’s over its still not over cuz when them bones is there them bones is gonna have this cut over it and alot of people aint built like that or cut like that but to me that’s what it represents My Ghosts! let me know your theory let me know if you wear Skulls if you don’t if you do wear them let me know why you represent the Skull if you don’t wear them let me know why you don’t represent the skull like i always tell you demons Row is a community its all of us i just stand in front of this camera and kick it with y’all but the Row is all of us as a collective unit so please help us grow share it on your social media send it to your friends tell them to throw a like and a comment on it it makes the base grow This is Demons Row TV! The Holy Grail Of MC Culture! O Yeah! We Ghostin baby!

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